10 signs of a strong marriage

Every marriage has it’s ups and downs. Everyone want’s to have a strong marriage of course. But it is only up to you two to create a successful strong loving marriage.If you have this following characteristics in your relationship I can guarantee you that you have a strong marriage or relationship.Take a look and see if you have a strong marriage.

10 signs of a strong marriage

  1. God
    The most important aspect in any type of relationship is God. Have God present in your marriage.Do not neglect God make him a part of your family a part of your marriage.There is a saying that says: Those who pray together stay together. 
  2. Trust
    Trust is the key to any strong relationship.
    Without trust your marriage will definitely fail. Speaking from experience it’s really hard to maintain a relation ship without trust.It takes time to built trust but a second for it all to go away.When trust is broken it will be much harder to rebuild it than the first time. So secure your marriage with trust.
  3. No privacy.
    I’m sure some people will disagree with me on this one.But really when you decide to get married all of your privacy is gone.There shouldn’t be no type of private aspects in your life.Because you are no longer two but one. One of the biggest issue people have nowadays is the phone. Let me tell you something if your partner make a big fuss about you going trough his phone is because he has something to hide.People that don’t have things to hide wouldn’t mind if from time to time you take a peek trough their phones. But just don’t make it a habit because if you go trough his phone like a millions times a day.He might feel like you don’t trust him.
  4. Respect
    You treat each other with respect.Respect their choice in life.Respect his decisions. Don’t put each other down,especially in front of others. Give them their value in life.If there is mutual respect in your marriage it will be a successful one.
  5. Forgive and forget
    Be quick to forgive.Don’t hold on to old grudges.Forgive and forget.Move on.
    It’s hard I know.It will take some time to really forgive an forget.Even though you didn’t really forget.Just avoid mentioning past events in the future.I have been there i know what i’m talking about.You decided to forgive him right?So bringing it up again will just make it worse.
  6. Intimacy
    Being intimate with your spouse is one of the most natural things in a marriage.
    Being intimate doesn’t only apply to a great sex life… well its a plus for sure.But things like cuddling while you sleep,back hugs,surprise kisses  also counts.
  7. Communication
    Lack of communication is a BIG no no.Communicate with each other.
    I understand some people might be introverts.But if you are having a hard time communicating with your partner you need to fix it. Ask questions like how was your day? What are you reading? Baby do you mind explaining to me about (things that he is interested in but you don’t have a clue what the heck it is,for example, hobbies,  sports, TV programs,video games etc).Whit out noticing you are having a conversation.
  8. Put each other first
    Put each others needs first.Before anything or anyone else.Except if you have children because children always comes first.a great example of what i mean is,in my case I needed to choose between going to a soccer game with him,or a movie with my girls.If you know me you know that i wouldn’t say no to no movie.But he wanted me to go watch a soccer game with him.Something he normally does with his friends Me thinking that his friends couldn’t go,said yess called my friends ad move the movie night for the next week .On the way to the game he called one of his friends and asked them to buy one more ticket.Surprised i asked him:why did you invite me if your friends are going.His answer:because i love you and wanna be with you. From that day on I always put him first.But still don’t neglect your friends you need to find a balance and make time for them too.
  9. Best friend
    Be your spouse’s best friend.Sure both of you can have other best friends but make sure that you are each others best friends first.
  10. Unconditional love
    Last but not least.If there is unconditional love between you two .Everything I mentioned before will automatically be in your marriage.


Top 10 lifestyle bloggers

best lifestyle blogs

Today I want to share with you 10 lifestyle blogs that I personally love to read.They are very diverse with interesting information.In no particular order take a look at 10 lifestyle blogs that I love and recommend for you to read.

Hello Glow
Are you looking for that one diy beauty recipe? Or some natural wellness tips?This is the place to be for eco friendly tips and tricks.

Love Taza
Love Taza is a family blog by Naomi where she shares about her life,husband and kids.

Life With Me
Marianna is a lifestyle blogger that shares her personal style,travel adventures and beauty tips.She also blogs about food,health and fashion.Interested?You can also check her youtube channel for more interesting videos.

A Girl, Obsessed
Mandy is the brain behind A Girl Obsessed.She blogs about blogging,lifestyle and fashion just to name a few.She has lots of reviews,tutorials and tips just for you.

Lola Blue Style is a lifestyle blog by Erika Batista where she shares about her life,love for beauty and fashion.

A Beautiful Mess
Do you love food? Crafts? and  Style? If your answer is YESSS then you definitely must take a look at Ellsie and Emma’s blog. It’s  indeed a beautiful Mess.With many recipe’s and DIY’s for you to try.

A Cup Of Jo
A cup of Jo is a blog about style,food,design,travel,relationships and motherhood.
I love reading the series about motherhood around the world.
They have allot of interviews,tips and advice for you to read.

The Skinny Confidential
The skinny confidential is a lifestyle blog that focus on beauty,fashion,fitness,home travel and more.You can also take a look on her youtube page.

The chalkboard mag is a blog focusing on food,nutrition,fitness,well being,style and living.They also have a section for juicing with awesome detox and cleansing tips.

Peanut Butter Fingers
Julie shares about her interests in family, food, travel an fitness.

With Love,




How to deal with teething

Teething is a painful process that every child goes trough.My child started teething when she was 2 1/2 months old. She was so little and the regular teething toys were just to big for her mouth.Most part of the day she was crying and grumpy.It was painful for her and myself.But I found some ways that helped sooth her pain and I want to share them with you.

Dealing with teething

  1. Cold washcloth
    I put a clean  washcloth in ice cold water.When she starts chewing on it its an instant pain reliever.
  2. The most soothing thing for her was chewing on my fingers.
    I was in pain but she is my daughter that’s why i put on my brave face and let her chew my fingers every time she needed it.This is also a way to show her that she can count on me when she needs me.
  3. When she was around 5 to 6 months I gave her the teething toys.I put the teething toys in the fridge and let them cool a bit.
  4. Crushed Ice
    Sometimes I would put some crushed ice into a clean washcloth so she can chew on the crushed ice.
  5. Baby food
    I freeze some baby food in a popsicle mold.
    The Popsicle has a two in one effect.It will relieve the pain and at the same time it is a well deserved treat for her.
  6. One of the most important thing to do for your teething baby is brush their teethes.
    Many parents skip this one step in the beginning but it’s really important and hygienic to start brushing their teethes as soon as they start emerging from the gums.Just get a baby brush and hot water.Once or twice a day brush the teethes and gums.The brush against the gums also give her some type of relieve.

How do you deal with teething?

Please comment below how you relieve the pain from your teething baby.

How to save money on entertainment

How to save money entertainment

  1. Android box
    We love to watch TV at home.But we didn’t want to pay for cable.Cables are expensive.That’s why we decided to buy an android box.The only thing we needed was WiFi.With this box you can watch unlimited movies,shows,cartoons,YouTube, live TV and more.The best part about the android box is that you decide what you want to watch and no monthly fee.
  2. Play sports
    Invite some friends and family to play sports and enjoy your day doing something good for your health while having fun and socialize with friends and family.
  3. Free audio book
    Lets say you don’t like reading or you don’t have time to read, but you enjoy a good book.You can try audible free trail for 30 days.Yes for 30 days you get two free audio books. If you want to keep using audible after those 30 days you will only pay $14,95 a month for 1 book.How ever if you only want to use the free books you need to cancel your membership before those 30 days are up.
  4. Game night
    Invite some friends over for game night and ask everyone to bring something to eat for example some chips,appetizers, pizza,soda etc.
  5. Join a club
    Search online or in your local newspapers for clubs to join.
    If you cant find what you are looking for you can start your own club.
    For book lovers i recommend goodreads.It’s a free website for book lovers.You can also join or create your own book club.
  6. Learn a new language
    If for you entertainment means get some knowledge and learn something new.I recommend you to learn a new language.One of the best free online learning resources I have used is duolingo.You can use it online in browser or you can download the app.
  7. Service exchange
    With service exchange i mean for you to exchange knowledge or service with someone else. For example if you are a good painter and your friends is a good dancer. You teach her how to paint and she will teach you how to dance.
    The benefits is that you can also socialize with each other.
  8. Free concerts/festivals
    There are tons of free concerts that you can go to.Take a look online and search for free concerts,festivals and events in your area.
  9. Diy arts and crafts
    There are tons of easy arts and crafts to do that aren’t expensive.
    Check out my pinterest board for some arts and crafts ideas i found online.
  10. Nature
    What isn’t more relaxing than open air.Go out enjoy nature its free.Watch the sunrise/sunset.Go to the beach.Go sightseeing in another city.Camping.Its free.

How do you save money on entertainment?
Comment below and let me know.