10 signs of a strong marriage

Every marriage has it’s ups and downs. Everyone want’s to have a strong marriage of course. But it is only up to you two to create a successful strong loving marriage.If you have this following characteristics in your relationship I can guarantee you that you have a strong marriage or relationship.Take a look and see if you have a strong marriage.

10 signs of a strong marriage

  1. God
    The most important aspect in any type of relationship is God. Have God present in your marriage.Do not neglect God make him a part of your family a part of your marriage.There is a saying that says: Those who pray together stay together. 
  2. Trust
    Trust is the key to any strong relationship.
    Without trust your marriage will definitely fail. Speaking from experience it’s really hard to maintain a relation ship without trust.It takes time to built trust but a second for it all to go away.When trust is broken it will be much harder to rebuild it than the first time. So secure your marriage with trust.
  3. No privacy.
    I’m sure some people will disagree with me on this one.But really when you decide to get married all of your privacy is gone.There shouldn’t be no type of private aspects in your life.Because you are no longer two but one. One of the biggest issue people have nowadays is the phone. Let me tell you something if your partner make a big fuss about you going trough his phone is because he has something to hide.People that don’t have things to hide wouldn’t mind if from time to time you take a peek trough their phones. But just don’t make it a habit because if you go trough his phone like a millions times a day.He might feel like you don’t trust him.
  4. Respect
    You treat each other with respect.Respect their choice in life.Respect his decisions. Don’t put each other down,especially in front of others. Give them their value in life.If there is mutual respect in your marriage it will be a successful one.
  5. Forgive and forget
    Be quick to forgive.Don’t hold on to old grudges.Forgive and forget.Move on.
    It’s hard I know.It will take some time to really forgive an forget.Even though you didn’t really forget.Just avoid mentioning past events in the future.I have been there i know what i’m talking about.You decided to forgive him right?So bringing it up again will just make it worse.
  6. Intimacy
    Being intimate with your spouse is one of the most natural things in a marriage.
    Being intimate doesn’t only apply to a great sex life… well its a plus for sure.But things like cuddling while you sleep,back hugs,surprise kisses  also counts.
  7. Communication
    Lack of communication is a BIG no no.Communicate with each other.
    I understand some people might be introverts.But if you are having a hard time communicating with your partner you need to fix it. Ask questions like how was your day? What are you reading? Baby do you mind explaining to me about (things that he is interested in but you don’t have a clue what the heck it is,for example, hobbies,  sports, TV programs,video games etc).Whit out noticing you are having a conversation.
  8. Put each other first
    Put each others needs first.Before anything or anyone else.Except if you have children because children always comes first.a great example of what i mean is,in my case I needed to choose between going to a soccer game with him,or a movie with my girls.If you know me you know that i wouldn’t say no to no movie.But he wanted me to go watch a soccer game with him.Something he normally does with his friends Me thinking that his friends couldn’t go,said yess called my friends ad move the movie night for the next week .On the way to the game he called one of his friends and asked them to buy one more ticket.Surprised i asked him:why did you invite me if your friends are going.His answer:because i love you and wanna be with you. From that day on I always put him first.But still don’t neglect your friends you need to find a balance and make time for them too.
  9. Best friend
    Be your spouse’s best friend.Sure both of you can have other best friends but make sure that you are each others best friends first.
  10. Unconditional love
    Last but not least.If there is unconditional love between you two .Everything I mentioned before will automatically be in your marriage.


Bible verse of the day

Last time I got into an argument with someone  I got a bit angry and i use some harsh words against her.The other person became angrier and defended herself again with harsh words and so the cycle goes on.When it get to the point that i had  enough i just started speaking more calmly.The other person mimic my behavior and she also calmed down. That’s when I remembered this verse. Proverbs 15:1

soft answer turns away wrath

Sometimes we tend to be impulsive while arguing.But be aware that words hurts more than sticks and stones.Without knowing you are hurting a loved one with your harsh words.Many times when people are arguing, it can end really bad.Relationships are over and friendships are broken.That’s why I want to share some advice with you on:
How to avoid arguing.

How to avoid arguing:

  • First thing you need to do is calm yourself,take a deep breath and count till 10.
  • Apologize
  • Listen
  • Ask your self this questions:Why are they so upset?Is it my fault? What can I do to resolve this problem?
  • Apologize

Even if it’s not your fault start with apologigizing.This will calm the other person down and they will also mimic your behaivoir.

I’m mean actively listen with not only your ears but also with your body language.
Put the phone down pay attention and show interest in what the other person has to say.

Ask questions:
Try to find out why they are upset.This will be easy by asking relevant questions.

Resolve the issue:
If you can’t find a way to stop arguing.If it’s not a private matter ask the other person if it’s ok for you to ask a neutral person to step in and help you both resolve the issue.

Apologize and apologize again.Apologizing never hurts right?

The next time you get into an argument,remember this verse and turn away wrath.

How do you avoid arguing?

10 cheap date ideas

Hello Lovelies,

Today I want to share with you 10 cheap date ideas.We all know that the economy is rough and we don’t always have the money to spend.There are many reason for us to go on a cheap or no money date.If there is love the money value is not important.
I hope this list can give you an idea of what to do on a fun romantic date.


10 cheap date ideas

The List:

  1. Movie Night:
    The most simple date activities is movie night.Choose a movie on Netflix, Popcorn time or Show box.Turn the lights off grab your popcorn and enjoy.If you want to make it more romantic choose a romantic movie your favorite wine and cheese.
  2. Romantic dinner:
    Plan ahead go trough your kitchen and use what you have in your kitchen to cook dinner for your spouse.Make it romantic turn the lights off, lit some candles get your wine or champagne.
    What do you think about cooking together? Make it fun get your partner and cook together it’s also a good time to bond with each other.Play some soft music and dance trough the night.
  3. Game night:
    Game nights can mean a lot of things. For example board games,video games,card games,truth or dare,questions games,bowling,pool etc,Make it more fun the loser need to do whatever the winner says for the rest of the day.Take this opportunity to get whatever you want.
  4. Nature:
    Do you and your spouse enjoy nature? Well I have planned a full nature day for the both of you.
    First thing in the morning is time for sunrise watching after that enjoy a nice breakfast in  the park.Later on you can take a nature walk and while you are doing that you can bird watching.Take some pictures of the trees,flowers and animals  you see.Enjoy the afternoon at the beach eat some ice cream drink some cocktails.Watch the sunset while you picnic and after that you can stargazing.
  5. Picnic:
    You can always picnic around your house,backyard,park,beach or in the back of a pickup.
  6. Spend a day at the beach:
    Fill your basket with some snacks and drinks and spend the day laying on the beach.
  7. Go to the zoo:
    I don’t know if they do charge to go to the zoo in your country.But in Curacao we only have one zoo and it’s totally free.Go spend some time at the zoo take some silly pictures.
  8. Paintball:
    If you can’t afford the actual paint ball equipment you can fill some balloons with paint and go crazy.Can’t afford paint? Fill them with water. It has the same effect.Fun cheap date activities.
    This activity you can also enjoy with friends and family.
  9. Learn to dance:
    Always wanted to learn a new dance.
    Do you know someone who knows how to dance really well ?
    Ask them to teach you and your spouse to dance.
  10. Go see a free show or concert:
    I’m sure that there are tons of free activities to do in your area.Grab your partner and go enjoy the free concerts.

Remember that the most important thing is not how much money you spend on a date,but how much time and fun you have with your loved one.

Do you have a cheap date idea please comment below.