Earth day activities for kids

Today I want to share with you 15 fun creative and educational earth day activities you can do with your kids.

Plant a seed
Fairy House
Clean the beach
Earth day sensory play
Outdoor camping
Dirt cups recipe
Nature walk
Scavenger hunt
plant a tree
Plant a tree/seed
Disconnect from electronics( let the earth breath)
Bird feeder
Recycled tin can planters
Egg carton  flower
Bottle watering can
Making recycled paper
Earth craft





7 ways to get your kids to eat vegetables

Imagine this in a perfect world:
You just finish cooking a delicious meal.From the dining table you yell dinner is ready. Your hungry little ones running to you to see what you have prepared for them today.But as soon as they see the gross stuff  AKA Veggies. They stick up their nose and say no mommy I’m not hungry anymore.Your perfect world is shatter into thousand pieces.

Kids are like that,they can be picky eaters.They will refuse to eat what’s best for them.But would binge in those fatty,sugary,unhealthy stuff.If your perfect world is shattered and you’re struggling at dinner time. I got your back girl.
Today I present to you:

 7 ways to get your kids to eat their veggies.
get kids to eat vegetables

Make food fun:
People in general tend to eat with their eyes first. What i mean is if the food presentation is not appealing, you most probably wouldn’t eat it either.What you can do is make food fun.Create smiley faces or animal shapes and don’t forget to decorate the plate with different kinds of colorful vegetables.


Vegetable fries:
Kids love fried foods.( in the recipe they are baked but they wound notice.)So create your own healthy version of KFC, veggie fries and chicken. Below my favorite carrot fries.
(This recipe and picture is not mine all credits to A Few Short Cuts)
carrot fries
Vegetable dips:
Vegetable dips are easy to make. You can buy ready to go dips or you can make it yourself.
I prefer homemade food just because it’s less processed and I know exactly what I’m eating.Guacamole is a fun way to get them to eat avocados .If your ultimate goal is to let them eat more vegetable as possible you can give them vegetable sticks to dip in the guacamole. But if the guac is sufficient for you let them enjoy this treat with some nachos or crackers. They will be more open to eat it instead of  vegetable sticks.
(picture and recipe are not mine all credits to Ma Nouvelle Mode)
5 ingredient guacamole

Hidden Veggies:
I bet your child loves to eat pizza.Buy his favorite pizza and add as many vegetable toppings as possible on the pizza.Another child approved  way to hide veggies are in veggie burgers.Who doesn’t love some burgers?? Thinking about it instead of those carrot fries and chicken I mentioned before. Try carrot fries with veggie burger. Sounds delicious isn’t it? (picture and recipe are not mine all credits to The Pioneer Woman )

Black Bean Burger Recipe | Grilling & BBQ | Summer Cookour:

Grilled vegetables:
Grilled vegetable is another way you can sneak some veggies on your kids plate.Make it a family quality time.Setup the table and different kinds of meats and veggies.Let them choose what they want to eat.It would be more fun if they are involved in the cooking process.shish-kebab-417994_1920

Green juice/smoothies:
Making green juice for kids I always recommend to add some fruits.
When we are talking about kids don’t make it a green juice with banana. But make it a banana smoothie with greens. Let the fruit be the main ingredient and just add something green to it.(picture and recipe are not mine all credits to Much.Most.Darling)
Much.Most.Darling.: Toddler Approved Green Smoothies. Great for sneaking in veggies for picky eaters and toddlers!:

Grow your food:
This is the most creative fun and time consuming.But it is worth it.
Growing your own food you can be sure that it is organic.without chemicals.
Seeing the fruits of my hard work on the table brings me satisfaction.Again I recommend you to get your kids involved in the process of growing their own food. Earth day is around the corner a great idea o spend  quality time in family and celebrate earth day.

Bon appetit.

With Love,

Comment below and let us know,how you get your kids to eat more veggies

How to deal with teething

Teething is a painful process that every child goes trough.My child started teething when she was 2 1/2 months old. She was so little and the regular teething toys were just to big for her mouth.Most part of the day she was crying and grumpy.It was painful for her and myself.But I found some ways that helped sooth her pain and I want to share them with you.

Dealing with teething

  1. Cold washcloth
    I put a clean  washcloth in ice cold water.When she starts chewing on it its an instant pain reliever.
  2. The most soothing thing for her was chewing on my fingers.
    I was in pain but she is my daughter that’s why i put on my brave face and let her chew my fingers every time she needed it.This is also a way to show her that she can count on me when she needs me.
  3. When she was around 5 to 6 months I gave her the teething toys.I put the teething toys in the fridge and let them cool a bit.
  4. Crushed Ice
    Sometimes I would put some crushed ice into a clean washcloth so she can chew on the crushed ice.
  5. Baby food
    I freeze some baby food in a popsicle mold.
    The Popsicle has a two in one effect.It will relieve the pain and at the same time it is a well deserved treat for her.
  6. One of the most important thing to do for your teething baby is brush their teethes.
    Many parents skip this one step in the beginning but it’s really important and hygienic to start brushing their teethes as soon as they start emerging from the gums.Just get a baby brush and hot water.Once or twice a day brush the teethes and gums.The brush against the gums also give her some type of relieve.

How do you deal with teething?

Please comment below how you relieve the pain from your teething baby.