How to save money on entertainment

How to save money entertainment

  1. Android box
    We love to watch TV at home.But we didn’t want to pay for cable.Cables are expensive.That’s why we decided to buy an android box.The only thing we needed was WiFi.With this box you can watch unlimited movies,shows,cartoons,YouTube, live TV and more.The best part about the android box is that you decide what you want to watch and no monthly fee.
  2. Play sports
    Invite some friends and family to play sports and enjoy your day doing something good for your health while having fun and socialize with friends and family.
  3. Free audio book
    Lets say you don’t like reading or you don’t have time to read, but you enjoy a good book.You can try audible free trail for 30 days.Yes for 30 days you get two free audio books. If you want to keep using audible after those 30 days you will only pay $14,95 a month for 1 book.How ever if you only want to use the free books you need to cancel your membership before those 30 days are up.
  4. Game night
    Invite some friends over for game night and ask everyone to bring something to eat for example some chips,appetizers, pizza,soda etc.
  5. Join a club
    Search online or in your local newspapers for clubs to join.
    If you cant find what you are looking for you can start your own club.
    For book lovers i recommend goodreads.It’s a free website for book lovers.You can also join or create your own book club.
  6. Learn a new language
    If for you entertainment means get some knowledge and learn something new.I recommend you to learn a new language.One of the best free online learning resources I have used is duolingo.You can use it online in browser or you can download the app.
  7. Service exchange
    With service exchange i mean for you to exchange knowledge or service with someone else. For example if you are a good painter and your friends is a good dancer. You teach her how to paint and she will teach you how to dance.
    The benefits is that you can also socialize with each other.
  8. Free concerts/festivals
    There are tons of free concerts that you can go to.Take a look online and search for free concerts,festivals and events in your area.
  9. Diy arts and crafts
    There are tons of easy arts and crafts to do that aren’t expensive.
    Check out my pinterest board for some arts and crafts ideas i found online.
  10. Nature
    What isn’t more relaxing than open air.Go out enjoy nature its free.Watch the sunrise/sunset.Go to the beach.Go sightseeing in another city.Camping.Its free.

How do you save money on entertainment?
Comment below and let me know.


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