Family tradition ideas

Hello Lovelies,

Greetings from sunshine island.Today I want to share with you my future family tradition plans.Since i can remember i always wanted to have family traditions.Growing up I never had that so now that I have my own family I will definitely do it.I think that it is really nice to have family traditions to pass on future generations.
And keep family united.

  • Game night.
    Once a week we will have game night.Each week a family member will choose what type of games the want to play.We can choose from board games to cards,UNO to twister,video games to domino. But of course our favorite “mens erger je niet”picture below.Every game counts as long we are spending quality time together as a family and having fun because that is what really matters.Mens erger je niet
  • 11th day
    Every 11th of the month me and hubby at our turn(one month for him one month for me) must surprise each other with something romantic.Just because it is our anniversary date .We got married on December 11,2013
    There is no need to do something fancy but just to show some love.Maybe a letter,a message o the radio or something small just to celebrate life.
  • Restaurants
    Once a month we will go to a nice restaurant.Me and hubby likes to eat out and try new food.Before we moved to the Netherlands we used to eat out allot.When we moved back to Curacao after getting pregnant not so much.But that is something I would like to do again.Soon….Family traditions
  • Mother daughter day/Father daughter day
    Just a day that we spend together with our daughter on one and one basis.What I mean is for example on this day I will take her to the spa to get a manicure and he can take her horse riding or something like that.Just a day to bond and make fun childhood memories.On this day she can also ask for whatever she want it’s a kind of yes day. Only if we can afford it of course.But she is only 6 months now so we will need to wait a little bit more before i can take her to the spa and he can take her horse riding.
  • Skip a day
    When she goes to school she can choose 1 day in the trimester to skip school so that would be 3 times a school year.But she will need to earn this day with good grades.If she has one bad grade there is no skip a day for that trimester.
  • Family Photo
    Every year we will have a professional photo shoot.Every year we will dress up and have fun while creating memories for a lifetime.

What are your family traditions?


5 thoughts on “Family tradition ideas

  1. twinstantchaosblog says:

    I love your 11th day tradition! We may have to incorporate something like that (ours would be 28th day). We like to do a lot of the same things too (restaurants, family pics) and once a month my husband and I take turns planning date night. I did a blog on it recently so check it out if you’d like!

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  2. tryallmama says:

    I really need to make family photo a tradition. We have zero family photos , nothing but photos of the kids. I want to do the whole 80’s spoof with the turtles necks and blank staring off into the distance lol


  3. Sheila Qualls says:

    I love your traditions, and I think it’s a great idea to start them, no matter what stage your family is at. Some of ours include: Friday night–pizza and movie night; Saturday morning–pancakes; I collect Christmas ornaments throughout to commemorate places and events in our lives (plays my kids have been in, vacations. I have some of them custom-made). We have holiday traditions, too. I don’t want to make the comment too long. When my kids were little, my husband would do dates with each child. And, we make it a point to get out at least a couple of times a month as a couple. We do our family photo as Christmas time. We do it ourselves and it is usually a hoot! Great memories.

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