22 weeks pregnancy update

Good morning Sunshine,

Today is Sunday 22nd of March 2015 and it is a beautiful day.
Today I want to share what’s been going on with me and baby bear this past couple of weeks.
So to start I need to say that it’s such a blessing being pregnant.It is what me and hubby always wanted.
We had decided on baby names way before we got pregnant and we are always discussing what the baby will look like and what kind of personality the baby will have.For example the baby will have his eyes but my eye color,his brows and eyelashes but my nose and a mix of both of our personality just fun things like that.

Today I’m 22 weeks and 5 days pregnant.
2 weeks ago I had my 20th week ultrasound and we found out that we are expecting a baby Girl. Yeeeyyy.

Sadly hubby couldn’t go to the appointment with me but that was more exciting because I surprised him with the gender reveal.He thought that I would have the appointment a day later.
I filled the room with pink balloons and when he got home he couldn’t believe his eyes.
He was so happy and emotional.I’m so sad i don’t have pictures to share with you.

The only lets call it side effect of the pregnancy for me is back pain.
Some days I’m in allot of back pains.
I’m one of the lucky prego moms that don’t have morning sickness.
I only vomit when I was sick with a cold.After that i didn’t vomit or had any other troubles beside the back pain.So i’m blessed.

This is all for this week.
Thank you all for reading.
Bye bye


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