Fright of my Life

Good morning sunshine.

Finally…. I know what I’m going to do with this blog!!!
I created this blog since last year but never knew what I would write about.
I’m always changing my mind about the content of the blog.
But after a horrible experience and a good outcome in the end I finally knew what I would want to write about.

After this experience I decided that I want to document my pregnancy.
I want to remember all the ups and downs,all good and bad,every single detail.
Years from now I would like to look back and remember how I felt being pregnant.

So today 21 Feb 2015 I am 18 weeks pregnant.Congratulations to me 🙂
Yesterday I had the fright of my life.I know it’s soon but I’m already feeling my baby bear moving around.
So during the evening i noticed that i didn’t feel baby bear today.
Usually I feel the kicks when I’m lying down or when I’m taking a shower or if I do not feel baby i would poke in the area I usually feel my little one till when I feel baby bear moving around.

I started poking and poking and poking and I didn’t feel my baby kicking back.
I was scared I started crying.With tears in my eyes I went to hubby and told him that I didn’t feel the baby move.So he called the clinic and they told me to come over to have a check up.

We arrived at the clinic after 11 pm.
The midwife got some general information and she couldn’t believe that I could feel the baby kicking this early in the pregnancy.I’m the first mom to be that she knew that could feel the baby moving this early.
So she checked the baby for a heart beat.It wasn’t till I hear my baby bear’s heart beat that my heart was at ease.I started crying of happiness because my little one was fine.

She start joking around that I was the first person she has ever had an intake with at 11:30 pm.
This was my first appointment with a midwife and it was a special one.
She also told me something I didn’t knew.Do not poke your belly just to feel baby move.
Just don’t. Poking around can cause contractions and contractions early in pregnancy is not something you would want ta have.

So after all I need to say that I’m really blessed and thankful to God that he protected my baby bear.

With Love Stephelis


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